Wednesday, May 6, 2009

To blog or not to blog

To blog!..yes,that 's the decision i made.
I hate to write,even when i was in school,writing an essay was such a burden to me.
But there are so many things in life and in the world we live now, that make me tick.
I for one is a proud Malaysian,although i've been abroad for many times..and studied there ( a couple of countries).Malaysia is still the place for me.
But i must say that i'm not proud with many malaysians- not all, but majority.

What i'm about to 'say' might hurt some of you,and for that i apologize, and i believe some of you
agree with me..we know who we are..what kind of person we are,.

Lets talk about road users.
Have you ever cursed and swore at some drivers while you are driving?

How hard is it to put on a signal to indicate that you are turning left or right??
I'm very sure once or twice you came across an incident like,you are stopping at a cross road to turn right,you saw a car coming on your right, waited for him/her to pass in order for you to go across,only to find he/she was actually turning right...and you waited for???
Don't you think he's/she's and idiot?
I see this every single day many times a day.

Are Malaysians (not all) selfish ignorant fools?
I wonder.

I shall continue with other ignorant acts of Malaysians.

I know not all Malaysians are like that,but we need to do something about it.